Precarious Becomings: The Politics of Migrant Life in Chile

My first book, based on my dissertation "Ecologies of Care: Migrant Women, Precarious Housing, and the Politics of Eradication in Chile," examines state and community responses to migrant precarity that rely on different conceptualizations and transformations of urban space.

Maddening Borders: Anti-Haitian Worlds Across the United States and Chile

I am currently working on developing a second major research project, which will situate my work at a transnational scale.

Addiction, Spiritual Warfare, and Recovery in Peru

This secondary research project, which resulted in a publication in Third World Quarterly, focuses on clandestine Christian addiction treatment ministries.

Between Easter Island and Rapa Nui: The Making and Unmaking of an Uncanny Lifeworld

Based on my undergraduate honors thesis, this project focused on Indigenous Rapanui people in Easter Island.